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Why You Should Buy Your Engagement Ring Online: 3 Places to Buy Diamond Jewelry Online

Wondering where to buy a diamond ring for the bride or groom-to-be? Here are top 3 places to buy diamond jewelry online!

Planning a wedding today is much different when compared to traditional weddings before. Just as online stores and wedding apps have completely transformed the way you plan a wedding, the jewelry online sellers are changing the experience of shopping for engagement rings.

You can forget the days when you would go to one or two jewelry shops and stress about not being able to find the perfect ring for your fiance. Today, it is really easy and simple to find the perfect ring as the choices seem limitless and there are simply so many places to buy from.

Before we present you the top 3 places to buy diamond jewelry online, let’s see why you should definitely consider buying your engagement ring online:

  • It is super easy – We purchase furniture, flat screen TVs, clothes, and groceries online. Today, it is not only more common to purchase something online, but it is super easy, safer, and quicker than ever before. You can search for, go through the collection of rings, and choose an engagement ring from the comfort of your own home without the fuss of going to a store and having a salesperson pressure you into purchasing a ring that is over your budget.
  • You can focus on quality – If you have shopped for a diamond jewelry before, you probably know how challenging the process can be. There are a few things that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a diamond, for example, whether or not the diamond is certified by IGI, AGS or GIA lab report, whether it is conflict-free, and if there is a Lifetime Warranty on the ring. Brilliant Earth is a great place to search for a diamond engagement ring as they are focused on high-quality only and they have professional and experienced jewelers in their sales team who can help you find the perfect ring.
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  • You have more choices – In brick and mortar locations, the inventory is always limited. Brilliant Earth, for example, can offer you a huge collection of diamond rings, vintage rings, gemstone rings, and hundreds of settings to choose from. You can also create your own custom engagement ring according to your taste and budget.
  • It is affordable – Buying an engagement ring online is cheaper as you can find better prices for amazing rings as they don’t have the expensive and overhead cost brands with physical stores have. For example, at Brilliant Earth, you can save up to 30% by purchasing online.
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  • It will be special – Going from one store to another, can be expensive, stressful, and nerve-wrecking. Buying an engagement ring online will not only save you money but time, as well. Being able to check all the engagement rings the brand offers in just one click is great and most importantly stress-free and it is why an online brand such as Brilliant Earth is a go-to store for affordable, unique, and quality diamond engagement rings.

The top 3 places you must check when buying diamond jewelry online are:

1. Brilliant Earth Jewelry – They can offer you lab created and natural diamonds including diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and etc.

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  1. James Allen – One of the best places to buy unique and fancy-shape diamond jewelry online. They can offer you a good selection of fancy shapes diamonds, in different sizes that cater to people with different styles and budgets.
  2. White Flash – They specialize in ideal cut diamonds that are designed for sparkle and light performance. They can offer you a deep inventory of certified GIA and AGS ideal cut diamond jewelry.

Feeling comfortable and confident when buying a diamond engagement ring is really important. Check out https://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/diamond/brilliant-earth-inc-in-san-francisco-ca-154721, and find a special ring for fiance!