Is A Lab Created Diamond a Cubic Zirconia: What is The Difference

Created Diamond a Cubic ZirconiaIs a lab created diamond the same as a cubic zirconia? What is the difference? Read this article and discover everything you need to know!

There are a lot of people who think that man-made or lab created diamonds and cubic zirconia are the same thing. What do you think? Is a lab created diamond a cubic zirconia?

Even though they look similar, they are completely different.

We will discuss what they are made of and how you can spot the difference between them.

Lab created diamonds are created in a lab. They are also named – man-made diamonds, cultivated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, created diamonds, cultured diamonds, and etc. Many people think that lab created diamonds are actually fake diamonds, however, this is not true. These are real diamonds as they have the same physical and chemical composition as natural diamonds which are found underneath Earth’s crust.

Cubic zirconia is a form of zirconium dioxide. This stone is also created synthetically, it is relatively flawless and it is usually colorless. Since its physical, as well as, optical properties resemble to same extent, the cubic zirconia is usually used and sell as a diamond imitation.

Lab created diamonds and cubic zirconia differ in their chemical and physical properties. Here are some of the differences you should know about:

  • Durability – Lab created diamonds are more durable than cubic zirconia. This is because of the difference in hardness between these two stones. On the Mohs scale of hardness, the man-made diamonds are rated 10, while cubic zirconia is rated 8.5.
  • Facets & Cut – Cubic zirconia is softer than lab-created diamonds and when cut and polished, these two stones differ in how sharp the edges of their facets are.
  • Fire or Dispersion – Another important difference between man-made and cubic zirconia diamonds is in the level of fire or dispersion. This is related to how a stone breaks down into a rainbow of spectral colors which is an effect also known as fire. Cubic zirconia has a higher dispersion and when exposed to light, it exhibits flashes that are more colorful than those in man-made diamonds.
  • Price – Lab created diamonds have the same properties as real diamonds, however, they are relatively expensive when compared to cubic zirconia.

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